Information for Students

The fees that make the Northern College Student Association (NCSA) possible are now optional, but we encourage you to invest in your own student experience by investing in your own student government. The NCSA is comprised of a group of your peers with an eye towards improving your student experience through fun activities, student supports and events designed to bring students together. The NCSA also serves as your voice in larger College matters, with members actively participating in Northern College Board of Governors meetings.

Non-Compulsory Fees: How to Opt Out
Student Forms
Tuition and Fees


1. Deposits: Initial $500 deposits (non-refundable) are due towards your tuition fees for your Fall 2019 semester.
2. Fall 2019 tuition fees are due September 4th, 2019.
3. Apply for credit transfers today for Fall 2019 and/or Winter 2020. Internal transfers can be done directly through your student portal. External transfers must be submitted for approval through the proper application process, with payment and supporting documents submitted.

IT Support

Please visit your campus IT Helpdesk from 8:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday. We can also be reached at 705-235-3211 ext 7000 or

After hours support is also available and can be reached at 1-866-999-0799 or by visiting the Help Center.

The BYOD initiative allows you to have access to tools and resources. Review BYOD information prior to the start of your program to ensure you have a system that meets requirements.


Northern College is advising students, staff and the community of ongoing fraud activities targeting our students. Fraudulent offers of employment are being issued to students via email, urging them to fill out forms and deposit a cheque, followed by a series of demands to make withdrawals from their accounts. This kind of behaviour is not normal, any forceful tactics from ‘employers’ is not legal in Canada. Students are urged to relay this message to others and if they encounter behaviour like this in the future, to report any instance immediately to the Timmins Police Service by calling 705-264-1201.