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Bring your Own Device (BYOD) at Northern is about flexible learning in the classroom that provides access to the tools and resources previously unavailable to all students. Whether engaging in virtual e-classroom sessions, or doing on-the-fly research in a lecture, BYOD changes the way you can learn. By participating in a mobile learning program, students practice their technology and computing skills and develop a fluency with the tools that employers and industry seek!

Read the BYOD Policy (PDF, 57.5 KB)

Northern’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy
Northern College values respect for all individuals, civility, diversity, dignity, equality, and freedom. The College is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, living, social, recreational and working environment. Read the Policy


A-1 Departmental Policies (PDF, 24.1 KB)
A-3 Acquisition of Additional Credentials (PDF, 30.2 KB)
A-4 Advanced Standing Policy and Form (PDF, 879 KB)
A-5 Appeal of Grades (PDF, 835 KB)
A-6 Audit Academic Policy (PDF, 25.1 KB)
A-7 Convocation Requirements (PDF, 28.5 KB)
A-10 Field Trips (PDF, 28.8 KB)
A-11 Interruption of Studies (PDF, 24.9 KB)
A-12 Distance Learning (PDF, 25.7 KB)
A-13 Prerequisite and Co-requisite (PDF, 29.2 KB)
A-14 Program Amendments (PDF, 25.1 KB)
A-16 Recognition of Post-secondary Equivalent Courses (PDF, 41.0 KB)
A-18 Student Academic Records (PDF, 33.1 KB)
A-20 Withdrawal from the college (PDF, 25.3 KB)
A-21 Timelines for Program Completion (PDF, 29.9 KB)
A-22 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PDF, 28.9 KB)
A-23 Student Success Policy (PDF, 32.9 KB)
A-23 Student Success Procedures (PDF, 30.2 KB)
A-23 Student Success Appendices (PDF, 527 KB)
A-24 Academic Integrity Policy *NEW
A-24-PR Academic Integrity Procedure *NEW
A-25 Academic Program Development, Suspension, Cancellation or Relocation *New
A-26 Student Assessment and Evaluation Policy
A-26-PR Student Assessment and Evaluation Procedure
A-27 Curriculum Development and Revision Policy

Promotional Meetings Process/Procedures