Choose the Right Meal Plan

These plans are only available at the Timmins Campus.

Meal Plan Options

1. Annual Swipe and Save – $2,200: Tax exempt (save 13%) Dining Dollars. Expires April 30, 2020
2. Semester Swipe and Save – $1,100: Tax exempt (save 13%) Dining Dollars. Expires December 30, 2019.
3. Reloadable Card -$250 up: Reload flex dollars at any time. Doesn’t expire. Applicable taxes apply.

A simple swipe saves you time and money. Dining plans are accepted across campus at various dining outlets. Meal Plan Funds are loaded electronically onto your student card. With each swipe of your card, funds are deducted from your balance.

It’s Secure
If you report a lost or stolen card, the card will be deactivated until your new one can be issued.

Tax Exempt Dining Dollars
Pre-packed and convenience items are not exempt from sales tax and therefore you cannot pay with tax exempt Dining Dollars. Instead pay cash or use taxable Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars can be loaded on your card at any time.

Refunds can be granted if a student officially withdrawals from school. Left over funds when a Tax Exempt Plan expires can be converted to Flex Dollars, just contact our office. Certain conditions apply and subject to a $50 administration fee.

Dine on Campus – Purchase a Meal Plan

Chartwells Meal Plans – PDF