Orientation 2018

Services Available
  • Registration and fee payments can be completed by visiting Student Services.
  • Lockers can be purchased at a cost of $21.00.
  • The bookstore will be open for service from 9am to 4pm.
  • Pictures for the student Photo ID cards will be taken. Please present your Confirmation of Registration. Distance Students must complete the student card form and submit their own photo.
  • In order to access OSAP information you must produce your Social Insurance Number and photo identification.
  • Frosh Kits will be available from the Northern College Student Association (NCSA).

Advising Services
We are here to help! From admission to graduation, Advisors are committed to your success! We are a comprehensive service focused on guiding you and enhancing your college experience.

Accessibility Services
Indigenous Services
Student Academic Success Services

Bring Your Own Device
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is about flexible learning in the classroom that provides access to the tools and resources previously unavailable to all students. BYOD is mandatory for all first year and second year students.

Request for Student Photo ID – Distance Students
Approval of Invigilation Form
Field School Supplies
Request to Write/Submit a Test, Exam or Assignment on a Different Date
Publicity and Promotion Consent Form