Welcome to Northern!

New Student Checklist


This step-by-step guide will help you navigate from applying to a program of interest and confirming your offer to registering for courses and connecting with all the services and resources available to our students.

If you are an international student, please visit our International Students webpage.

Scroll down or click above to navigate to the step of the process you are at.

You can also download a PDF version of the Student Checklist to access it while you are offline.


CONNECT: Start navigating your journey of learning with us by booking an appointment with one of our recruiters.

PROGRAMS: Browse our programs.

APPLY: Create an account and apply to Northern through Ontario Colleges (OCAS).

UPLOAD DOCS: Mature students upload your High School or Post-Secondary transcripts to OCAS.

ADMISSION OFFER: Wait for your official acceptance letter offering you admission into Northern College.

CONFIRM: Head back to OCAS, log in and confirm your offer.

OPEN HOUSE: Attend our Spring Open House. Details are announced each spring.


REGISTER: Complete your registration form and note important admissions deadlines.

STUDENT PORTAL: Login to MyAccount with your username and password provided on your offer letter. Don’t forget to update your contact information.

DEPOSIT: Pay the $250 deposit in MyAccount before the deadline date to take advantage of our Proud to Be Northern Entrance Bursary.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Learn how to pay your deposit and/or tuition and other payment options that are available.

CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION: Confirmation of registration will be available in MyAccount once processed.

PROGRAM SPECIFICS: Find out if your program has program specific requirements and forms that must be completed.


ACCESSIBLE LEARNING: Contact Accessibility Services to register for supports and accommodations.

OSAP: Learn more about financial assistance for your studies and apply for Ontario Student Loan and Grants (OSAP).

HOUSING: Check out our residences and off-campus housing listings.

TECH: Review IT resources to review your programs technical requirements and our bring you own device (BYOD) program.

EMAIL: Access your Northern College MyEmail and use as your main email while attending Northern College.


KEY DATES: Check the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.

TRANSFER CREDITS: Apply for Transfer Credits. Deadline is Day 10 of each semester.

TIMETABLE & BOOKLIST: View your Timetable and Booklist on MyNorthern.

BUY BOOKS: Purchase textbooks through the Follett website efollett.com, where you can also find Northern College gear to rep your school!

PAY TUITION: Pay your balance owing for the upcoming semester through MyAccount.


ORIENTATION: Attend Northern College orientation and your program specific orientation sessions.

STUDENT HANDBOOK: View the Student Handbook for policies and additional resources for your success!

CAMPUS SERVICES: Contact your Campus Services office to purchase a locker and parking pass.

START CLASSES: Log-in to Blackboard on MyNorthern. Follow course instructions on Blackboard or attend your campus.

BURSARIES: Apply for Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards (SBA) for a chance to receive free money! Deadlines apply.

HEALTH PLAN: View your Health Plan. Deadlines apply to opt-out or make changes to your plan.

STUDENT SERVICES: Explore MyNorthern.ca for services available to help you succeed!