Parking Information

Parking will remain free on all Northern College campuses until August 31, 2022.

You will not be charged for parking on campus during this time. This free parking is for students, employees and visitors on all four Northern College campuses in Moosonee, Kirkland Lake, Haileybury and Timmins.

With this new freeze in place the online portals will now be closed.  For anyone who has submitted a request for a parking permit through payroll deduction, those will simply be discarded and no deductions will take place.  If you have already purchased a permit through HotSpot a refund will issued to the same card used to process the transaction.  This will be done by HotSpot directly and will be in the full amount of the purchase.

Please ensure you continue to park only in the main College parking lots unless given permission to park elsewhere.  Tickets can still be issued for fire routes, guest parking spots and accessible parking spots.

Any questions regarding your expected refund (if applicable) can be sent to

General questions or comments can be forwarded to and will be addressed or redirected accordingly.