Peer Mentoring Program

First Year Experience Services offers the Mentoring Program. The objective of the Mentoring Program is to help First Year and First Generation Learners make a smooth transition to college life by providing you with that extra confidential support and guidance that will assist you in making informed decisions.

Benefits of having a mentor:

  • Your Mentor can provide you with a familiar face and can walk you through that first week of school when you are overwhelmed
  • Your Mentor can point you in the right direction when you don’t know where to go
  • Your Mentor can offer you insight into the things that only experience can teach you
  • Your Mentor can motivate you and encourage you when times get tough
  • Your Mentor can expose you to diverse perspectives and experiences and help you broaden your horizons
  • Your Mentor can help you build your communication skills
  • Your Mentor can be a trusting friend
  • Your Mentor will tell you the truth because their primary objective is to make sure you are successful
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